i'm pteranodog

i make random crap
on the internet
for fun

here's a few of them :)

five to ten player party game the resistance you and your group are a part of a faction called the resistance, attemting to further your cause of overthrowing the hostile dystopian government you live in. all-powerful governments, however, are not easy to thwart, and there have been spies placed among your ranks. it is your task to identify them so the resistance can operate successfully. let's sing a song! i once was lost... but noooooow i'm... by catholic teens, for catholic teens inflame catholic a website run by myself and over 20 other catholic teens containing articles, poetry, prayers, songs about the catholic faith! oh no! well... that's the end that's all i have for now. it'll definitely expand in the future. if you like any of these things feel free to show other people or something

also this card links to a bitcoin address if you really like something i made that much

lol nobody is gonna send me any bitcoin